How to Add @ custom author page wordpress without plugin

If you are looking to create custom author pages then in this tutorials Developer Guidance tell you step by step how to create a custom author page wordpress without plugin using ftp or c panel. WordPress is mainly use for blogging purpose .Do you want to create author page of your multi-creator WordPress site? At that point you need to make a redid WordPress writers page to list authors, colleagues, supporters, or some other kind of members.

The default author page only shows the author’s post. You want to change the design of author page or add some more things like (Author NAME, BIO & other things) to your author page then join us i will tell you step by step.

How to Create custom author pages for posts Step 1:- First login ftp or cpanel.Step 2:- Go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder.Step 3:- Inside your current theme create a file name author.php file. or if already have then edit author.php file.Step 4:- Include header and footer…
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