How To Set and Get Featured Products in Woo-Commerce

In the initial step we see how to set the featured products in woo-commerce.

Featured Products is the best way to promote specific and main products in your website.We can easily setup featured products in woo-commerce.

You can easily setup the featured product by a widget, shortcode and also by custom code.

Adding a Featured Product

To show the featured product go to Products in left side of navigation in the wp-login Panel.

There is another way to setup the featured products in woo-commerce. Go to products and click the option Quick Edit and there is checkbox of name Featured and click to update button to show featured products.

There is another option to show the featured product in woo-commerce. If you want to show the multiple product as featured product.Follow the below steps:-

Step-1: Go to productStep-2: Check all of the products you would like to feature.Step-3: Go to Bulk Actions click edit …

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