What is the centralized lubrication system and how it is works properly?


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A Automatic Lubrication System (ALS) is commonly called as”the Centralized Lubrication System (CLS),is an instrument that distributes precisely controlled quantities of lubricant in various places in an equipment while it is in operation. Although these systems are usually automated but a system that requires an operator to operate an engine or pump could be considered a Central Lubrication System. The system is classified into two distinct categories that may contain a number of similar components.

Centralized Lubrication System are crucial part of the maintenance and reliability programs. They can provide points for lubrication using the exact amount of oil or grease that is delivered through one central source. The pump is able to supply the entire system with the needed fluid, and it is connected to an accumulator. It is easily accessible. The software determines the size it will take to fill the tank. And it could range from little as 2 liters or a large intermediate bulk container, or the whole tank. There are many options and are dependent on the specific application. They could be remotely monitored by means of feedback, and can also be directly connected into the plants PLC.

If you own an excavator, an unmixed or uncoated truck, or crushers, or making steel, make sure that the equipment is lubricated throughout the daytime. The reason for this is Automated Lubrication Systems These systems are developed specifically to apply the fluid in precisely-calculated quantities, with regular intervals. The constraints on time and human resources, and usually the area of the machine makes it difficult in order to apply the lubrication using hand. That means the cycles of machine availability and the timing of production and the amount of manpower will determine that the machine is being lubricated. This isn’t the most ideal option for the component that needs oil to be lubricated. Oil circulation system can be installed on machines to alleviate the problems.


Auto-lube systems have distinct advantages over traditional methods of Lubrication. Each and every component has to be lubricated regardless of the location or access. Lubrication is a process that occurs while the device is running which causes the lubricant to be evenly distributed across the entire bearing. This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine. A proper lubrication method for the most crucial components is essential for the security of the equipment provides. A lower rate of wear for parts can result in longer lifespan for components and lesser breakdowns. This results in less time to repair, less cost for replacement and lower costs to keep. The quantity of lubrication that is recorded ensure that there isn’t any wasteful fluid. Be cautious – stay out of the areas that are surrounding machinery or areas that are difficult to access (gases or exhausts enclosed enclosures etc.) Energy consumption is reduced due to less friction. Better overall efficiency due to the increased availability of equipment and lower time spent on repair or malfunctions. This system of lubrication components of the engine are lubricated using pressure feed.

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