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Top 30+ Free Classified Submission Sites List in India

Free Classifieds list in India is the most practical way for any company or website to market their goods or services on the internet in India with the complete information without any of the hidden charges. Classifieds list websites in India are the most popular ones to post local or nearby classifieds advertisements in the city. It gives an excellent opportunity for an advertiser to post free ads on websites in India. Individuals will reach out to them through their mail id or mobile numbers. Nowadays, they reach out to advertisers through WhatsApp numbers too.

Classified websites in India supplies your organization outcome in search engine optimization that is local to your website. It helps to gain more DA traffic as well as PA to products and your location. There are plenty of free classifieds websites available in India who do not take any charge for enrolment. But most of the advertisements are for junk purpose. If you wish to have a real user who will give…

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How to Add @ custom author page wordpress without plugin

If you are looking to create custom author pages then in this tutorials Developer Guidance tell you step by step how to create a custom author page wordpress without plugin using ftp or c panel. WordPress is mainly use for blogging purpose .Do you want to create author page of your multi-creator WordPress site? At that point you need to make a redid WordPress writers page to list authors, colleagues, supporters, or some other kind of members.

The default author page only shows the author’s post. You want to change the design of author page or add some more things like (Author NAME, BIO & other things) to your author page then join us i will tell you step by step.

How to Create custom author pages for posts Step 1:- First login ftp or cpanel.Step 2:- Go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder.Step 3:- Inside your current theme create a file name author.php file. or if already have then edit author.php file.Step 4:- Include header and footer…
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Top 30+ Free Worldwide Business Listing Sites List 2021

Looking for worldwide business listing sites? Here you are at the right place because here you will get all the business listing sites to position your business at the global level. Global business listing websites are very useful for the businesses out there. Because you can attract or drive a global audience. However, the global traffic is useful only for some particular business.


If you are doing business globally, then you can avail this benefit. As a searcher or visitor, you can also avail benefit from worldwide business listing sites. These sites have too many options to choose from. You are never limited when you are looking for some kind of global or international services, products or companies. On the other hand, getting international traffic from various countries and regions will also help you to take your business to the next level. These sites are really helping businesses and customers both.


Global businesses around the…

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Makuv A Global Free Classified Site

Free Worldwide classifieds maintain the perspective of your customers at MAKUV. Specifically, when you are coping with a busy planet, to maintain our knowledge with the latest updates about new items has shifted into a challenge to us. Hence, we are combining it with the internet. All over the places, we visit; we feature our Smartphone with the internet. It is good to write your advert on social media outlets. Free Globally Classified at MAKUV keep us aware of new trends with brands. It does not matter, whether your company is a small or large business. You can promote your offer or discounts before other visitors to improve your reputation. Online free classifieds such as offer a cost-effective approach for advertisement. It will not at all burn your wallet when it comes to classifieds here. People get good traffic through posting their product, service, or brand advertisement at MAKUV.

Submit Your Ads Free On Cost

Internet technology has global traffic. When you post your advertisement about something that has demand across the globe, then you might end up having several orders for your service, product, or brand. Your businesses will expand in no time and your sales will get double within a week. Free worldwide Classified allows the seller to post an advertisement without any restrictions. Sellers can write the advertisements as per their needs. Some of the advertisements are detailed while others can be brief and short. Sellers also have the option to repost their advertisement. They can also change the ads from time to time by using renew options at Makuv Classified. You can also add eye-catching pictures to attract potential customers at the Classifieds Sites. People don’t have time to read about the long description of a service, brand, or product, so they make up their minds to buy a product by the display image.

Post Ads Any Time

The free worldwide classifieds run on servers that are operation for 24 hours constantly. A user can visit a free classifieds at any time of the day. The buyers don’t have to worry at all when to post their ad or it will be viewed by people across the globe regardless of the time. The profit you will generate by selling your service, product, or brand at MAKUV is all yours. You do not have to pay anything for selling your service, product or brand here.